Time travel, assassins and one magical gangster rabbit! The demon king threatens your kingdom and it's up to Horace, the prince, to find a suitable hero to fight him. But the demon king is just the small fish, as a new danger from beyond our concept of reality schemes in the darkness and threatens to wipe out the kingdom, the world and... You.


It started from inspiration from the anime "Saekano", and quickly ended as a huge scale visual novel. How Stories Die is developed one man team handling the project for 3 years, alongside doing a master degree in CS. The driving force behind that man is a dream is to make the world a better place with free high quality visual novels!


  • 25-35 hours of engaging story, immerse yourself within the rich world of How Stories Die and watch as it breaks apart.
  • 3 unique routes with completely different atmospheres, each based on one of the classic RPG roles: The mage, warrior and rogue. A different experience every route!
  • Overarching mystery that brings a new take on meta.
  • Partial beautiful OST with variations for some certain plot twists...
  • 15+ beautifully drawn CGs.
  • 12 different endings + true ending.





Partial Original Soundtrack
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About VisualBagel

VisualBagel is a one man team from Israel, his goal is to spread happiness and joy with free visual novels. How Stories Die is his first game.
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How Stories Die Credits

Itay Neria
Director, Writer, Programmer
Artist, Freelancer
Alec Shea
Music, Freelancer