How Stories Die

A thrilling fantasy world, a diabolic plan and a gangster rabbit.

How Stories Die is a fantasy/mystery visual novel with
a fresh take on metafiction! Get it on Steam!


An exciting journey awaits!

25-35 hours of engaging story, immerse yourself within the rich world of How Stories Die and watch as it breaks apart.

Tragedy or comedy? Your choice!

Three unique routes with completely different atmospheres, each based on one of the classic RPG roles: The mage, warrior and rogue. A different experience every route!

A grand scheme...

Overarching mystery that brings a new take on meta.

Didn't see that coming

Partial beautiful OST with variations for some certain plot twists...

A picture is worth a 1000 words

15+ beautifully drawn CGs to feast your eyes on.

Die? Marry? Turn into a flowerpot? All of the above?

12 different endings + true ending. Explore different decisions to reach all the endings!



"I will create the perfect story... even if it destroys billions of lives." - ??

Horace lived a cozy and nice life as the prince of Alteria until his father sent him a letter that changed his life. In the letter he was required to escort the child of prophecy whom is destined to defeat the demon king to the palace. That was the moment his life was ruine.

Surprisingly, when he arrives at the meeting place, he encounters three girls, each claiming to be the true hero.

From here Horace is tasked with uncovering the real hero, or at least waiting until his father's sickness is over so he can roll over the responsibility to him. But time is not on Horace's side, as a mysterious voice appears in his dreams calling him "master" keeps taunting him and the army of hell marches closer and closer...



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